Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine 3 Ounce


Quick Fix is the original and best premixed synthetic urine available. Our patented formula is a laboratory created version of human urine. Specific gravity, uric acid, PH, and creatinine are all at the right levels. It makes for the perfect control urine sample to calibrate drug testing equipment or for other scientific uses.

This 3oz version of our synthetic urine kit includes everything you need and can be ready to go in minutes.

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Spectrum Labs Invented Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine

Our synthetic urine was created in a state of the art laboratory by a biochemist. With our patented Biocide Protection, you can rest assured that Quick Fix fake urine will be fresh and free of bacteria. It’s your very best choice when it comes to a clean urine sample.

Our easy to use synthetic urine kits contain everything you need to simulate real human urine. It is premixed and ready to go within minutes. We even include a heat pack and temperature strip to ensure the product is between 94-100°. This is the temperature range that real urine comes out of the human body.

Quick Fix 6.3 fake urine is extremely good at mimicking human urine. Most people can’t tell the difference between the real stuff and our fake pee. Perfect for pulling a pee prank on an unsuspecting friend!

Millions of men and women have used Quick Fix 6.3 with success for urine tests. It is the most trusted name in synthetic urine.


Activate hand warmer prior to heating up Quick Fix® Plus (may take 30-45 minutes for hand warmer to heat up).

Shake the Quick Fix® Plus bottle and microwave on high for 7-10 seconds. The temperature strip should display a green dot in a range of 94° – 100°F. If the bottle feels warm in your hand, but is not showing a reading on the temperature strip, the synthetic urine is overheated. Simply let it cool down gradually until you see a reading on the temperature strip. If the synthetic urine temperature is below 94°, heat again in the microwave for a few more seconds until you see the green dot on the temperature strip between 94° – 100°F.

Now attach the hand warmer with tape or rubber band to the back of the bottle, opposite the temperature strip. This will provide prolonged heat, keeping the bottle temperature near 100°F for approximately five hours.

If you can’t microwave the Quick Fix® Plus, simply attach the hand warmer to bottle at least 1 hour prior to your test. Shake bottle before and after heating and prior to pouring into cup.

If your product remains unused, it can be reheated repeatedly as needed.

Always check your batch number in the batch validation tool found on our home page before using the product. Batch numbers are printed on the bottle. Expired products will be exchanged for retail customers at no charge.