Smoke Spray

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Dr Greens believes there is nothing better than a relaxing cigarette or vape pen to end the day. But the lingering smell of smoke can stay in your clothing, vehicle, or home leaving unwanted odors behind. That stinks! But luckily, the Doctor is in!

With Dr Greens Smoke Spray, smoke odors are exterminated and unwanted smells are neutralized. We use an odor-eliminating enzyme-formulated mixture to create the ultimate air freshener, removing smoke and neutralizing unwanted smells from spaces, fabrics, and vehicles. Spray into the air or directly onto fabrics, clothing, or furniture.

We offer a variety of available scents: Green Tweed for a touch of spring, Black Cherry is light and fruity, Fresh Linen will leave fabrics smelling clothesline fresh, and Unscented for those sensitive to fragrances. Enjoy that cigarette, you’ve earned it!