Frequently Asked Questions

Is my personal information kept confidential?

Yes! All personal information is kept private for all orders. We have implemented multiple security measures to ensure that our data stays protected and maintain the privacy of all our customers.

If you have additional questions regarding privacy please do not hesitate to reach to speak with our excellent customer service team.

Return Policy

Dr. Greens does not refund purchases, but we will exchange any unused, expired Dr Greens product for another Spectrum Labs product of equal or lesser value if it has not been expired for longer than one calendar year.

Send the unused, expired product in original packaging to:

Dr Greens 400 S. 4th Street, Suite 500 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101 Att: Exchange Department

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for the exchange to be processed and returned.

Please note: For Agent-X, the consumer must return the ENTIRE, complete product package (including box and instructions), or exchanges will not be made.

*Note: We do not ship to or exchange product in the following states: KY, UT, and NJ

Dr Greens does not exchange products purchased at wholesale pricing.

Do you sell your products wholesale?

Absolutely, we are eager and excited to get Dr Greens back in the distribution chain and on the shelves of the local smoke shops.

We offer aggressive pricing along with our great and professional team. Please contact us at [email protected] to speak with a sale representative or you can call our customer service line to put in an order today.