Navigating the Changing Tides: A Comprehensive Look at Recreational Marijuana Legalization

November 15

In a groundbreaking development, Delaware and Minnesota have recently joined the growing list of states embracing the legalization of recreational marijuana. This marks a significant step toward the broader acceptance of cannabis in the United States, further shaping the evolving landscape of marijuana legislation. While Ohio has recently made headlines as the 24th state to […]

Introducing Agent X Secret Briefs: The Discreet and Secure Solution for Transporting Agent X Synthetic Urine on the Go

October 25

Agent X Secret Briefs feature a specially designed pocket that securely holds Agent X Synthetic Urine, ensuring it remains undetectable under your clothing, safeguarding your privacy.

Dr. Greens™ One Drop Detox Soft Gel

August 23

Dr. Greens™ One Drop Detox Soft Gel Dr. Greens™ is once again at the forefront with their latest product release: the One Drop Detox Soft Gel! This innovative detox solution is designed to revolutionize the way we approach detoxification, offering a quick, easy, and effective method that sets it apart from traditional options. Say goodbye […]

Re-Introducing the 420 One Shot: Your Quick Detox Solution

August 18

Dr. Greens™ 420 One Shot has returned to provide a powerful, natural solution that helps you detoxify your body and enhance your overall well-being. This innovative product offers a range of benefits. We’ll deep-dive into the unique features and advantages of the 420 One Shot, along with instructions on how to make the most of […]

A Guide to Different Types of Synthetic Urine at

August 07

Synthetic urine has emerged as a versatile product that finds application in various scenarios, from pranks and novelty uses to more serious scientific testing. Crafted in the laboratory to mirror the composition and properties of genuine human urine, synthetic pee has become an indispensable tool for those seeking to maintain their current lifestyle and freedom. […]

Dr. Greens™ is Back!

September 30

If you are familiar with Dr. Greens™ and our products, particularly the Agent-X synthetic urine, you may be wondering what had happened to the brand that was such a staple in the smoke shop and detox industry. The short answer is that Dr. Greens™ is now under new ownership, and we have been spending extensive […]

Why use Dr. Greens™ Smoke Spray

September 29

I am a bit older and can remember trying to cover up the smokey smell in my room and car after smoking a cigarette. I used many of the popular sprays at the time and even tried the old linen sheets in the toilet trick. A couple of sprays and I thought I was home-free. […]

Kovert Bags Technology

July 21

Our unique Kovert Bags feature five special layers which effectively trap all odors inside for the sake of privacy and discretion: We wholeheartedly support the right of our customers to remain discreet. That’s why our bags are specifically designed to facilitate a private life by minimizing surveillance opportunities and potential intrusions from others.

Smoke Spray 101

July 21

Our smoke sprays remove unpleasant odors and introduce only the best scents in your desired area. By using our deodorizer sprays, all users will be able to enjoy the following benefits: Why Should You Use Doctor Greens Smoke Spray? The answer is simple — it works. Our deodorizers were carefully crafted with our customers in […]

Agent X 101

July 21

So, what do you do when you have a bottle of Dr. Greens™ Agent X in your hand? Don’t worry; preparing it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Once you’re ready to use the synthetic urine, follow this step-by-step guide: Step 1: Open the Heat Pad Inside every Dr. Greens™ Agent X product […]

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