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Kovert Bags Technology

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Our unique Kovert Bags feature five special layers which effectively trap all odors inside for the sake of privacy and discretion:

  • 1st Layer: Outer Water Resistant Layer: The outer layer is made from long-lasting water-resistant fabric. This sturdy material shields the contents of the bag from dust, water, and natural elements in most weather situations.
  • 2nd and 3rd Layers: Filterable Fabric Layers: The next two layers are composed of filterable non-woven fabric which covers the inner layers.
  • 4th Layer: Inner Carbon Layer: Underneath the non-woven layers is the inner layer which is formed from activated carbon. Activated carbon can eliminate unwanted odors. It serves as an absorbent material that traps unpleasant smells and prevents them from spreading in the air.
  • 5th Layer: Inner Polyester Layer: At the heart of the bag is the innermost protective layer. This layer is created from mesh lining that utilizes smell protection technology to keep the scents from the contents of the bag from escaping.

We wholeheartedly support the right of our customers to remain discreet. That’s why our bags are specifically designed to facilitate a private life by minimizing surveillance opportunities and potential intrusions from others.