Cool Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash


Cool Rinse mouthwash is a solution to get rid of oral toxins fast. Quick-acting, maximum-strength, you can immediately get rid of unwanted residues within ten minutes after use.

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The Doctor Greens Cool Rinse mouthwash is a simple solution for those who want to get rid of oral toxins fast. With the product’s quick-acting and maximum-strength formula, you can immediately get rid of germs, microbes, harmful substances, and unwanted residues inside your mouth — all within ten minutes after gargling. It’s that fast! So if you have an important event or health screening appointment, this is the best way to get rid of tobacco or other toxins inside your mouth.

Long-Lasting and Fast-Acting Mouthwash Against Microbes and Toxins

You can brush your teeth or use run-of-the-mill mouthwash, but these won’t do. Doctor Greens Cool Rinse does the trick, removing microbes and toxins — all of it. So whenever you have an oral hygiene emergency, this is the all-in-one product that will take care of your needs. No more foul breath, no more residues, and no more hang-ups!

Eliminates Germs and Toxic Substances

There are many types of detoxifying mouthwashes available on the market, and they do work when you rinse with them. But many simply get rid of surface-level toxins and nothing more. They don’t go to the root cause of the issue: our saliva.

Most toxins and microbes stay in the saliva, which the mouth continually produces. Left untouched, our saliva will encourage the build-up of these germs and harmful substances. An effective detoxifying mouthwash removes these toxins in the mouth and the saliva. That’s what Doctor Greens Cool Rinse promises. Thanks to its dual-acting formula, you can get a longer-lasting effect.

Quick Cleaning — Done in 10 Minutes!

If you need fresh breath and a clean mouth in the next 10 minutes, Doctor Greens Cool Rinse mouthwash is the answer. It’s one of the fastest-acting products out there, guaranteed to remove toxins and germs inside your mouth quickly!

Freshness That Lasts for an Hour

The Doctor Greens Cool Rinse mouthwash is more than just a quick-acting rinse. Its effects are also long-lasting! That way, you can expect freshness that lasts for an hour! After the mouthwash gets rid of toxins in your mouth and saliva during the initial swish, it will continue to detox and keep your mouth clean for longer.


Mouthwash Tips and Directions for Best Results

  • Before Rinsing: Don’t consume toxins like alcohol and nicotine for 24 to 48 hours before rinsing with the Doctor Greens Cool Rinse mouthwash. In addition, avoid any kinds of food for at least three hours before gargling.
  • Use at Least 10 Minutes Before Your Event: Whether it’s a date or saliva test, make sure to use the mouthwash at least 10 minutes before your appointment for maximum freshness.
  • Rinse Your Mouth: Shake the container, open it, and gargle with half of the contents. Gargling should last for two to three minutes, and be sure to spit the liquid afterward. Repeat with the other half of the container, and don’t swallow.
  • Wait for 10 Minutes To Get the Full Effect: The fast-acting formula will need a few minutes to get rid of toxins and microbes. You’ll experience the best results 10 minutes after you gargle.