Each Kovert Smell Proof Bag uses 5 layer odor trapping technology to ensure your privacy is protected.

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The Duffle by Kovert Bags is a great way to keep your smelly contents discreet and private. Each Kovert Smell Proof Bag uses 5-layer odor trapping technology to ensure your privacy is protected. A durable outer layer keeps everything inside dry and the activated carbon layer keeps all odors trapped inside. Easy to take with you wherever you go.

The shoulder strap is great for carrying a large load, or use the hand straps for smaller smelly sneakers, gym clothes, or dirty diapers. You might have jars of kimchi, no one needs to know or smell what you have in your bag. Kovert Bag’s style and logo keeps all interior items discreet. The zipper flap and bottom lining will keep your contents weather protected and water resistant. The large open interior can let you store a variety of items, personal and medical, and all kept private with Kovert Bag’s smell proof technology.

Kovert Bags specializes in smell-proof bags that use advanced smell-blocking technology to create stash bags that safeguard the confidentiality of consumers. Kovert Bags are the perfect brand for gym buffs, outdoor adventurers, parents who need diaper bags, foodies who love pungent food, and patients who use smelly substances as medical treatments.

Features include:

– Shoulder Strap
– 2 Side Straps
– 2 Hand Straps
– 100% Odor Trapping
– 22.5” x 9.5” x 10.5”