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Dr Greens Smoke Spray exterminates smoke odors and neutralizes unwanted smells.

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Dr Greens believes there is nothing better than a relaxing cigarette or vape pen to end the day. But the lingering smell of smoke can stay in your clothing, vehicle, or home leaving unwanted odors behind. That stinks! But luckily, the Doctor is in!

With Dr Greens Smoke Spray, smoke odors are exterminated and unwanted smells are neutralized. We use an odor-eliminating enzyme-formulated mixture to create the ultimate air freshener, removing smoke and neutralizing unwanted smells from spaces, fabrics, and vehicles. Spray into the air or directly onto fabrics, clothing, or furniture.

Take Your Pick From Three Scents!

Doctor Greens Smoke Spray comes in 3 unique scents. Take your pick and find which one suits you the best!

  • Unscented: Do you just want to get rid of that unpleasant odor? Keep things simple by using our unscented deodorizer. It’s the best option for those who have allergies or sensitive noses. This smoke spray works quickly and effectively, blocking out all those bad scents to keep the entire area smelling fresh and clean with no hassle at all. Say goodbye to foul odors by using our unscented Smoke Spray.
  • Fresh Linen: Do you want to smell effortlessly clean? Our Fresh Linen deodorizer makes anything that it touches smell like fresh and clean laundry with just a spray. It smells sophisticated and pleasant and it’s perfect to use after a long day’s work. Smell effortlessly good with a few sprays of our Fresh Linen deodorizer!
  • Black Cherry: If you want a hint of sweetness with your scent, then our Black Cherry deodorizer spray is the ideal option for you. This scent is fun and bold, providing a dynamic scent that you won’t be able to get enough of.


  1. Spray our deodorizer on any surface of your choice. If you’re trying to cover smaller areas, like your clothes or upholstery, then lighter sprays are recommended.
  2. Once the smell starts to fade, reapply the spray.
  3. Enjoy a pleasant and fresh environment with the help of our deodorizing smoke spray!