Spectrum Labs Hand Warmers (5 pack)


A pack of 5 individually packaged Spectrum Labs hand warmers. Perfect for warming your hands, feet, or synthetic urine.

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Spectrum Labs hand warmers are air activated heat pads, perfect for warming your hands, feet, or synthetic urine. Sold as a pack of 5. Each pad is individually wrapped.


1. Unpackaging: Remove the hand warmer from its packaging. Some hand warmers are individually wrapped, while others may come in pairs or larger packs.

2. Exposure to Air: Hand warmers typically activate upon exposure to air. Once unwrapped, shake or knead the hand warmer to facilitate the activation process.

3. Shake or Knead: Some hand warmers require shaking or kneading to evenly distribute the contents and initiate the chemical reaction that generates heat. Follow the product-specific instructions.

4. Wait for Activation: Allow a few minutes for the hand warmer to reach its optimal temperature. During this time, the chemical reaction inside the hand warmer generates heat.

5. Placement: Once activated, place the hand warmer in your pockets, gloves, or any area where you need warmth. Some hand warmers come with adhesive backing, allowing you to stick them to clothing.

6. Avoid Direct Skin Contact: To prevent burns, avoid direct skin contact with the hand warmer. Always place it inside pockets or use additional layers of clothing.

7. Monitoring: Keep an eye on the temperature and comfort level. If the hand warmer becomes too hot or uncomfortable, remove it from direct contact with the skin.

8. Disposal: After use, dispose of the hand warmer by local regulations. Some hand warmers can be thrown away with regular household waste, while others may require specific disposal methods.