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A Guide to Different Types of Synthetic Urine at

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Synthetic urine has emerged as a versatile product that finds application in various scenarios, from pranks and novelty uses to more serious scientific testing. Crafted in the laboratory to mirror the composition and properties of genuine human urine, synthetic pee has become an indispensable tool for those seeking to maintain their current lifestyle and freedom. In this guide, we will delve into the different types of synthetic urine available at, your online source for high-quality products.

1. Dr. Greens™ Agent X Fake Pee

Dr. Greens™ Agent X Premixed Fake Pee is a legendary product known for its exceptional quality and authenticity. With a devoted following, it has been revived and is now better than ever! The package comes complete with a 3-ounce bottle of synthetic urine, a temperature strip, a heating pad, and a rubber band for heat pad application. Let’s explore the key features of Dr. Greens™ Agent X:

Agent X box
  • Authentic Composition: Dr. Greens™ Agent X is meticulously formulated to replicate the pH levels, specific gravity, and creatinine levels found in genuine human urine. This ensures that it closely imitates the properties of real pee, making it a reliable substitute for various applications.
  • Realistic Appearance: The synthetic urine is crafted to look like real urine adding to its authenticity. This feature is particularly important for scenarios where the appearance of urine is essential for successful outcomes.
  • Long Shelf Life: Dr. Greens™ Agent X goes through extensive testing and quality control processes ensuring it has an extended shelf life. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their product will remain effective over time.

2. Dr. Greens™ Agent X Field Kit

The Dr. Greens™ Agent X Field Kit is designed for discreet transportation of synthetic urine, making it ideal for situations where secrecy is paramount. This convenient kit offers the following features:

  • Easy to Use: The field kit simplifies the process of using synthetic urine, eliminating the need for complicated mixing or preparation steps. Users can heat the premixed synthetic urine in a microwave for a short duration, and it’s ready for use.
  • Extended Heating Capability: The kit includes a heating pad that can keep the synthetic urine warm for up to five hours. This feature ensures that the urine maintains the desired temperature during extended periods of use, providing a lifelike experience.
  • Authentic Composition: Just like other products from Dr. Greens™, the Agent X Field Kit replicates the specific gravity, creatinine levels, and pH balance of genuine human urine, enhancing its authenticity.
Dr Greens Field Kit box

3. Smart Choice Fetish Urine

Smart Choice Fetish Urine caters to those seeking a synthetic urine product for fetish urine play. This specialized product offers an advanced formula with bacteria-inhibiting properties, ensuring a safer experience during such activities. Key aspects of Smart Choice Fetish Urine include:

smart choice box
  • Bacteria-Inhibiting Formula: The product incorporates a unique formula that inhibits the growth of bacteria, making it safe and hygienic for fetish urine play.
  • Authentic Composition: Smart Choice Fetish Urine is carefully formulated to include the same balance of urea and other naturally occurring components found in real urine. This results in a realistic and immersive experience.

4. Quick Fix Plus

Quick Fix is another popular synthetic urine product, known for its advanced manufacturing process that creates formulations similar to real urine while maintaining slight variations for authenticity. The key features of Quick Fix include:

  • Mimicking Real Human Urine: Quick Fix is designed with slight variations in chemical makeup and color, closely resembling the random nature of real human urine.
  • User-Friendly and Convenient: The product is easy to use, requiring only a short heating time in a microwave and the attachment of a hand warmer to maintain the ideal temperature. This convenience makes it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Batch Uniqueness: Each batch of Quick Fix is unique, replicating the natural variations found in real human urine. This enhances its authenticity and reliability as a control sample in various testing scenarios.
fix 3d

Synthetic urine has become an indispensable product with a myriad of applications, from scientific testing to novelty uses. The various types of synthetic urine available at cater to different needs and preferences. Dr. Greens™ Agent X Premixed Fake Pee is a revered legacy product, while the Dr. Greens™ Agent X Field Kit offers a discreet and convenient solution. Smart Choice Fetish Urine ensures a safer experience during fetish urine play, and Quick Fix’s unique formulation closely mimics real human urine. Whatever your requirements, the wide selection of synthetic urine products at is sure to meet your needs while providing a reliable and authentic experience. Remember to use these products responsibly and ethically in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.