Field Kit Pre-Mixed Fake Pee

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One size fits all belt pre-loaded with 4 oz. of Dr. Greens Agent – X synthetic urine

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Dr. Greens Agent X Field Kit – It’s Fast and Easy To Use!

The Dr Greens Agent X Field Kit makes it easy to transport your synthetic urine discreetly. Dr. Greens knows how normal it is to want to conceal your fake pee (like for novelty reasons such as a prank or fetish use).

The Agent X Field Kit was put together for your ease, just simply heat up your fake pee – no complicated mixing or steps required! Heat up the belt kit in your microwave for 7-10 seconds and keep the handwarmer attached for up to 5 hours!

Dr. Greens Agent X fake urine is just like your own!

Specific gravity, creatine, and pH balance is used to mimic real human urine so that it’s so real, it can pass a nicotine test!


Shipping of this product is prohibited outside of the Continental U.S. including Kentucky, New Jersey, and Utah.


  1. Microwave for 7 - 10 seconds. Make sure clamps remain closed to prevent leaking.
  2. The final temperature should reach 100 degrees and turn green (if there is no green, wait for the package to cool as it may be overheated).
  3. To activate the heating pad, open it and shake it for 5 seconds.
  4. Proceed to peel off the back of the warmer and stick it onto your synthetic urine pack. Make sure it is done on the same side as your temperature strip and do not cover it.
  5. Place the belt kit on your waist with the provided straps and keep the temperature strip facing away from your body.