Disposable 5 pack


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The Disposable is a portable odor trapping bag that you can re-use. It’s perfect to pack with your buds so be kind and share. Kovert Bags has designed their smell proof bag to organize your dimes, quarters, or whatever loud items you need to keep private and protected. The outer layer is coated black with the Kovert Bags logo so know one has to know. The air tight zip lock seal will keep moisture out and block any odors from revealing your contents. The small light design can fit in a pocket or Kovert Hand Bag and is easily portable. If you want to go to a concert, tailgate at a game, or chill at a party, The Disposable’s odor and vapor trapping technology will ensure freshness without stinking up the room. The tear notch is for heat sealing in case you want long-term odor protection, and the durable bag can last up to 800 re-uses. Dr. Greens has already re-used them 420 times!

Do NOT heat, microwave, or boil bag.
Do NOT store in reach of small children.
ALWAYS keep it Greens.


Just take your secret stash and lock it up in the bag by closing the zip lock. The stash will remain fresh and the smell will remain unnoticeable!