UPass Fetish Urine


No harmful toxins, no infectious bacteria, and no toxic chemicals. The UPass Synthetic Urine is the perfect alternative for those who want a safer adventure for piss play.

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UPass Synthetic Urine

Watersports have never been this exciting with the high-quality, realistic UPass Synthetic Urine from Dr. Greens! Each package comes with 3 ounces of laboratory-grade synthetic urine, perfected over the years by Safeguard Laboratories. It contains all the substances and compounds found in normal human urine, mimicking the real experience.

No harmful toxins, no infectious bacteria, and no toxic chemicals. The UPass Synthetic Urine is the perfect alternative for those who want a safer adventure for piss play. So if you want something that will level up your kinky side, this is it! Grab a package today and enjoy the thrill of golden showers!

What’s in the Package?

  • 3 oz Synthetic Pee Bottle
  • Hand Warmer
  • Rubber Bands

Looks and Feels Like the Real Thing

Each 3 oz bottle of the UPass Synthetic Urine contains ingredients and compounds that you’d find in a person’s pee. That includes uric acid, urea, and creatinine. These aren’t just premixed in there haphazardly. Safeguard Laboratories ensured the perfect balance of these substances to further imitate the bodily fluid. The result is a golden liquid with the right pH balance and specific gravity.

We want to impress that this product is for fetish urine play and novelty use. However, the UPass Synthetic Urine is so close to the real thing that laboratories use it to calibrate their own equipment for urinalysis. It can even pass urine tests procedures, even if that’s not its intended use.

Why Use Synthetic Urine in the First Place

Fetish Urine: Why Do People Love Watersports?

Golden showers, watersports, piss play — there are many terms used for a kink called urolagnia. This is the erotic or sexual gratification brought about by urine and the act of urination. There are a few reasons why this kind of fetish exists:

  1. Taboo Aspect: Urine isn’t usually something associated with intimacy and sex. But some people find the unconventional act mentally thrilling. The naughtiness of it, how it crosses the line, makes the act sexually appealing.
  2. Mimics Ejaculation: There’s a visual aspect to urinating that mimics ejaculation, especially when the man performs it. The liquid coming out of someone’s object of desire is appealing to them thanks to this connection.
  3. Power Dynamics: In the BDSM community, the dominant partners like using piss play to exert power over their submissive partner. It’s also a means of degradation.

The Dangers

As much fun as golden showers sound, it’s not without risks. Urine, like every other bodily fluid, contains bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. There’s a common misconception that urine is mostly sterile thanks to filtering from the kidneys. It’s true in most cases, but there are exceptions.

There’s also the fact that the liquid can pick up germs along the urinary tract, especially for those who have sexually transmitted infections or STIs. You could be putting yourself or your partner at risk if you’re not careful.

Synthetic Urine Is the Best Alternative

UPass Synthetic Urine has all the fun and none of the risks! Since it’s made in a laboratory under controlled conditions, it doesn’t have bacteria and viruses that may be present in regular human pee. It’s the safer and cleaner substitute. You can even use it to supplement your intimate session if your bladders are empty.


UPass Synthetic Urine is not intended for faking urine or drug tests. While it’s chemically identical to the body fluid and indistinguishable during lab exams, the fake pee is primarily used for fetish urine play and novelty scenarios. People who use it for any other purpose will do so at their own risk and cannot hold Dr. Greens liable for any issues that may arise.

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  1. Heating the Bottle: Whether you’re using it for a prank or an intimate moment, the UPass Synthetic Urine will need to reach human body temperature to feel like the real thing. So before using it, make sure to heat it to around 98.6° F. One of the easiest methods is the microwave. To do this, you’ll need to shake the bottle for a few seconds and remove the cap. Then, place it inside the microwave and heat it for 10 seconds. If you’re not sure if it’s enough, there’s a temperature strip on the bottle that will show the correct temperature. After you’ve reached the desired number, replace the cap and start playing!
  2. Maintaining the Ideal Temperature: It’s a big hassle having to go to the microwave in the heat of the moment just so you can heat the synthetic urine. So you’ll want to do this step way before the act. Of course, liquids outside of the body will quickly return to room temperature. A cold golden shower isn’t exactly realistic or ideal. Thankfully, the package includes a hand warmer to avoid such scenarios. It’s all you need to keep the fake pee warm for up to eight hours.
  3. Handwarmer: To use the hand warmer, simply open the warmer pack and shake it to activate the heating mechanism. Using the provided rubber band, strap it onto the synthetic urine bottle. Just make sure that it’s not touching the temperature strip. Direct contact with the heating element may result in false readings. Store the bottle wherever convenient, making sure that the hand warmer is secure.
  4. Ready To Go: Once you’re ready to use the heated fake pee, remove the hand warmer and shake the bottle another time. Check the temperature strip and see if the liquid is still within the ideal range for realistic urine. Once you’ve confirmed it, open the cap and enjoy your fake pee.