XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine


The XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine comes in 3 oz bottles with a tried-and-tested formula from XStream — toxin-free, no mixing needed, and suitable for men and women.

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The XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine will level up your golden showers and make your intimate moments more intense. This synthetic urine comes in 3 oz bottles with a tried-and-tested formula from XStream — toxin-free, no mixing needed, and suitable for men and women. Best of all, each bottle contains the same compounds found in real-life human pee. It looks and feels like the real thing!

The biggest difference between the XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine and real urine is that the former doesn’t have bacteria and germs. If you’re someone who wants a safer experience with your partner, this product is the best alternative. Order a kit from Dr. Greens and level up your wet adventures!

What’s in the Kit?

Here’s what you’ll find in each XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine package:

  • 3 oz synthetic urine packed in a sterile bottle
  • Squirt cap
  • Heat pad
  • Temperature strip
  • Heat induction cap

Level Up Your Fetish Urine Play!

The XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine uses a formula that imitates real-life human urine. It has creatinine, urea, and other compounds that recreate the smell, feel, and color of the bodily fluid. With XStream’s formula, there’s a proper balance of these components, resulting in a pH level and specific gravity identical to normal urine.

Thanks to these characteristics, the fluid can be used for scientific tests — it’s that accurate! If you want the perfect companion for your steamy and kinky nights, this is the product for you.

Synthetic Urine: A Safer Alternative

There are many names for it: watersports, piss play, golden showers, but this kink has been around for as long as humans have. The technical term is urolagnia, an all-encompassing name for sexual arousal and gratification brought about by urine and urination.

For some, it’s the taboo aspect that makes it so appealing. People crossing lines behind closed doors and with a willing partner adds a certain level of thrill. Some connect urination with ejaculation — the expulsion of liquid that signifies the height of arousal. Finally, the doms of the BDSM community typically use urination to assert dominance and degrade their subs.

Are There Dangers to Fetish Urine Play?

In general, urine is sterile and shouldn’t carry any microbes. The kidneys do a great job of filtering out bacteria and germs. However, this doesn’t happen all the time. As the liquid passes along the urinary tract, it can get contaminated with microorganisms. This is a major concern for those who have sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and their partners.

If either or both partners aren’t careful, pee can serve as a vector for these diseases. You could be putting your partner at risk without the proper precautions.

Make Your Golden Showers Safer

If you’re wary about transmitting harmful microorganisms during fetish urine play, then the  XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine is the safer alternative. The formula is manufactured under laboratory conditions, so you can be confident that there are no contaminants in the liquid. It’s all of the fun and none of the risks!

Disclaimer Before Use

XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine is made for fetish and novelty purposes only. It’s not meant for consumption. Those who use the product for anything other than its intended purpose will do so at their own risk. They cannot hold Dr. Greens liable for legal or health issues arising from misuse.


Here’s how to use the XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine for your next watersports adventure:

  1. To heat the bottle of synthetic urine, remove it from the box and shake it well. Then, unscrew the cap and remove the foil safety seal. You can throw this away. Then, place the bottle inside the microwave and microwave it for 7 to 10 seconds.
  2. Take out the bottle and see if the temperature strip reads the ideal temperature. To mimic real urine, the synthetic urine should be around 98.6° F. Don’t worry if the liquid hasn’t reached that temperature yet. It will take a few seconds to register. If the strip still doesn’t show the ideal temperature, put it back into the microwave for 5 seconds.
  3. Once the bottle has reached the ideal temperature, replace the flip cap and shake the bottle once more. This will ensure even mixing and remove any sediment that has settled during storage. You’re ready to use the synthetic urine! Each bottle is for single use only.
  4. If you’re not going to use the XStream Adult Novelty Fetish Urine immediately, it will return to room temperature. That can be a big hassle during the heat of the moment. Thankfully, there are heat pads in the kit. To activate them, shake each pack vigorously. Then, attach the pad to the bottle with the provided rubber band. Avoid placing it on the temperature strip as this can affect the reading. You can leave it there for up to five hours, and the liquid will maintain the ideal temperature.
  5. If you don’t have a microwave, the heat pads will make do. Attach them to the bottle as instructed and wait for about an hour to reach the ideal temperature.