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Why use Dr. Greens™ Smoke Spray

Smoking man

I am a bit older and can remember trying to cover up the smokey smell in my room and car after smoking a cigarette. I used many of the popular sprays at the time and even tried the old linen sheets in the toilet trick. A couple of sprays and I thought I was home-free. Quickly I realized that the spray I was using would combine with the smoke smell and create a smell that was not only unpleasant but did not fool anyone!

Fast forward a decade and I have finally found a product that will not only cover up any strong odor but will leave a scent pleasant enough that my wife uses it to make our house smell “pretty” before we have guests over or just when we are doing routine cleaning. She particularly enjoys the Black Cherry scent and the lingering smell is equitable to a candle burning for hours.

I have moved on from some of the smoking habits I had in the past but there are still times that I need a strong, effective deodorizer and Dr. Greens™ Smoke Spray does the trick every time.

Smelly Dog Bed? No problem, this works miracles. This product is safe enough to be used on an animal, but we do not recommend spraying it directly on them to avoid any irritation. This will even work to cover up any presents that they may leave on your floor or carpet. I recommend using the Fresh Linen Smoke Spray personally.

For those of us who still enjoy a smoke, we may not enjoy the smell that it leaves on our clothes, in our house, and the car. The Unscented Smoke Spay does the trick to eliminate the odor while not making it evident that you are covering up one strong smell with another. It is not anyone’s business how you choose to spend your time or how you spend it. This spray keeps it discreet and also avoids unnecessary comments from those who may not approve of your habit.

This product is particularly popular with young adults who may be living in a dorm or an apartment where their neighbors may be quick to bother you if they smell something coming from the hallway or next door. Dr. Greens™ Smoke Spray will neutralize those odors and allow you to do as you please in the comfort of your space without any harassment.

Now that we have reviewed some of the ways that this product can perform. Let’s talk about how it works and why it works. First and foremost, this product is non-toxic, so you do not have to worry about where you spray or how much you have used. Secondly, this is a tried and tested unique formula that not only blocks odors but replaces them with a pleasant smell that is not overbearing.

There are also smoke sprays out there that are oil-based. If you use them, be careful as they can stain your clothing, carpeting, and furniture. Our smoke spray is water-based so you do not have to worry about staining anything that it comes in contact with, so spray away!

While I have not used every spray out there, I have used quite a bit and our new Dr. Greens™ Smoke Spray provides high quality at a responsible price. Check it out and see for yourself. We bet that you’ll see be purchasing more for yourself and some as small gifts for your friends and family.