Quick Test Plus Home Test Kit (w/Control)

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Quick Test Plus is a home drug testing kit that you can use to test for the presence of drugs or toxins in your system.

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Quick Test Plus is a home drug testing kit that you can use to test for the presence of drugs or toxins in your system. The kit comes with everything you need to take the test, including a dropper, sample cup, testing cards, and instructions.

When your body comes into contact with toxins, drugs, or other substances, it will start to break them down and remove them from your system. This process is known as metabolism. However, some substances can stay in your body for a long time and may even build up to dangerous levels.

A drug test is a way to determine if these substances are still in your system. You can do this with a simple urine sample. The kit comes with a dropper that you use to collect your urine sample.

Ten different substances may be detected by the test kit, including:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Amphetamines
  3. Barbiturates
  4. Cocaine
  5. Ecstasy
  6. Phencyclidine
  7. Methamphetamine
  8. Oxycodone
  9. Morphine
  10. Benzodiazepines

Easy To Use, Noninvasive Test Gives Results Instantly

The Quick Test Plus Drug Test Kit is easy to use and provides results instantly. The test is noninvasive, and you can try it in the privacy of your own home. Simply collect a urine sample and dip the test strip into the urine. Within minutes, you will have your results.

If the test is positive, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. There are several resources available to assist you in your recovery.

Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you — Quick Test Plus can help you feel confident and prepared for your next drug test. Stop worrying and start testing with it today!


  1. Once you have your sample, you add it to the sample cup and then dip the testing card into the cup for 10-15 seconds.
  2. After 5 minutes, the results will appear in the window on the side of the cup.
  3. Then, do this with the other testing cards to check for each of the 10 substances (or otherwise, whichever substances you need to test for).
  4. The 11th card, the control card, will always show up as negative.
  5. A detailed instructions sheet is included in the kit to help you interpret the results.