Agent-X 3 Ounce Fake Pee


Agent X Premixed Fake Pee looks and smells like real pee because it contains Urea, Uric Acid, Creatinine, and contains the specific gravity and balanced pH levels necessary to mimic real urine.

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Do you need a quick fix? No need to worry, the Doctor has you covered! Dr Greens Agent X is the best premixed synthetic pee available. It looks like natural urine because it contains Urea, Uric Acid, Creatinine, and contains the specific gravity and balanced pH levels necessary to mimic real human urine. Unlike other fake piss or powdered synthetic urine kits, Dr. Green’s Agent X comes premixed and includes everything you’ll need: one 3oz bottle of pre mixed fetish pee, one temperature strip, one heat pad, and one rubber band for heat pad application.

It’s your basic instinct to get high quality synthetic urine products, and we’re not talking Sharon Stone. We make sure that our product meets the same pH levels, specific gravity, and creatinine levels as human pee. During our trial runs, most participants couldn’t tell the difference between Dr. Greens formula and real urine! It mimics human urine in every way, making it ideal for virtually any novelty or scientific use.

Please note that every one of our product kits comes with the following:

  • One (1) 3-oz bottle with a flip cap
  • One (1) heat pad
  • One (1) temperature strip

Since these products are pre-mixed, there’s no need to perform chemistry experiments before using them. Instead, heat the product for seven to ten seconds in a microwave oven and ensure you reach the ideal temperature range.




The Secret Ingredient

Apart from being similar to human pee, Dr. Greens solution has another advantage. We use a patented formula that kills bacteria, allowing it to stay fresh for months ensuring your agentx will have a long shelf life.

So, what’s our master agent secret ingredient? It’s biocide — a substance that destroys unwanted microorganisms. Our biocide solution allows us to transport our products safely from our lab straight to you.

Usually, cheap ripoff fetish pee products don’t use biocide, making them go bad while in transit. Imagine ordering novelty fake urine and receiving perished products instead. When you need quality synthetic products, choose Dr. Greens. Your success rate depends on it!

Remember, not all such products are created equal. If you go for the lowest-priced items you find online, chances are you’ll get expired liquids you can’t use for your desired application.
Where you want yo buy fake pee is directly from us. Avoid any counterfeit imitations of fake piss or synthetic urine brands.


Dr. Greens Agent X pre-mixed synthetic urine has the same color and composition as real human pee. It contains urea and uric acid and should not be swallowed. If ingested, consult a doctor immediately.

You can use the product for up to two years if you store it well, but some settling may occur during the heating process. If you see any residue, shake the bottle before and after heating.